Why Seek Therapy?

People seek therapy for many reasons. Some of the issues that I can help you to address include:


bullet You are feeling stuck, frustrated, angry, depressed, anxious, and unable to move ahead in your life.

bullet You are interested in deepening your own self-knowledge and awareness through a longer, depth psychotherapy process.

bullet You are conflicted within relationships at home, school or work.

bullet You are in the midst of a major life transition, such as a job or school change, separation or divorce.

bullet You are having difficulty coping with a major loss or death.

bullet You are a parent and have some questions or concerns about your family relationships.

bullet You feel held back by past events or traumas in your life.

bullet You are overwhelmed by feelings that seem larger than the moment you are reacting to.

bullet You feel unable to express your feelings and needs effectively.

bullet You grapple with the role of religion and spirituality in your life and struggle to find a sense of self within community.

bullet You have questions about your sexuality and role within an intimate relationship.

bullet You want to reexamine and challenge long-standing roles you’ve played in your family and work lives that are no longer serving you.


What will Therapy be Like?

IMG_2403Your experience in psychotherapy will be unique. We will each commit to be present together, and focused on your story. We will create goals together, and check in regarding your progress at regular intervals. You will be seen, heard and understood.

A trusting and caring relationship between you and I is central to this process. Your goals and needs are approached without judgment, in an environment of safety and privacy.

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