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If you’ve come this far, you are likely seeking help to make changes in your life and the life of your family.

Patients in my practice are often dealing with some sort of impasse. Depression, anxiety, difficulty in interpersonal relationships, creative blocks, and inability to find some sort of meaning in life are often present. Being stuck in roles that have long outlived their usefulness is another difficult dynamic patients explore.

Midlife is a particularly fruitful time in the lifecycle for depth work. Becoming conscious of one’s own suffering while both untangling and re-weaving together one’s past and present story within a trusting relationship is at the heart of the therapeutic process.

I see people at all stages of the life cycle, with a focus on Jungian Depth Psychotherapy.  My background in the arts informs my certifications in sandplay therapy and expressive arts therapy. I am attuned to symbols, images, and dreams as important to the therapy process.

It is deeply rewarding to witness and play a part in helping clients achieve more fulfilling lives. Clients tell me that they respond in particular to my warmth, humor, understanding, and willingness to ask hard questions to help them experience and move through painful feelings and life challenges.

It takes courage to change.  If my approach feels like a potential fit, I welcome your call.


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